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Your e-scooter does not have regenerative braking?

Want to charge your batteries during brake?

No need to change the main controller.

Any modern e-scooter must have this functionality.

The system, Bereco-G will add this feature hassle free.

  • Advantages when installed in e-scooters

    1. The batteries stress is lower, because after a current drawn it will happen a current coming in.

    2. The mechanical brake is not used so often. The reg. braking will work for you.

    3. Extended range: the range will be extended 15% in average (depending on number of brakes
      and road slope during trips).

  • Technical features

    1. It works with any brushless motor with 3 phases at least

    2. Controller independent.

    3. Braking is activated by brake handler, accelerator and/or digital communication interface.

    4. Soft and confortable braking as in electric cars (Nissan Leaf, Citroen C-Zero, Renault ZOE, etc).

  • Prices

    1. From 65Eur to 120Eur - dependent on those parameters:

    2. How much e-break power you want in your e-scooter

    3. Your batteries maximum charge current

    4. The charging process must be limited when your batteries are full charged (our BMS
      actually do that).

    5. Installation cost is optional. It can be installed by you. Only connect wires and adjust
      maximum braking power with a screwdriver.

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