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    • BBMS -> Bereco Battery Management System - for lithium batteries.

    • CBMS -> Lead Battery Management System - for lead/AGM batteries.

    • Monitor the state of charge of each individual cell/battery.

    • Transparent system: ultra low leakage current (13uA max) when in standby (when scooter is switched-off).

    • Can be used to monitor the charge and discharge with any kind of battery (Lead-Acid or Lithium,
      any voltage).

    • It ensures the batteries will last their maximum life. As example 80.000Km on a e-scooter (with lithium batteries).

  • Applications:

    • Electric vehicles: e-bicycles, e-scooters, e-motorcycles and electric cars.

    • Electric solar storage systems, when several batteries linked in series.

    • Battery arrays when used in any electric storage application.

    • Any system that have batteries connected in sires and the individual SoC must be monitored.

Features (for both BMSs, C-BMS or BBMS)

  • General features:

    • Maximum allowed voltage in each battery/cell:
      It can be adjusted depending of the battery in use.

    • Leakage current in standby mode for each cell/battery:
      CBMS(Lead-acid): soon;
      BBMS(Lithium):11uA@3.45Vbat; 13uA@3.00Vbat.

    • Leakage Current

    • Maximum sampled rate for voltage each cell/battery:
      16x cells: 25mseg;
      22x cells: 30mseg;
      4x lead batteries: 5mseg.

    • Communications lost between each cell have fail proof protection cells/batteries.

    • System has temperature control during charge balance.

    • The communication protocol is completed designed by us and proprietary(by It is
      fail proof and totally encoded with redundancy.

  • Charge control

    • Balance voltage: 3.6V ou 14.4V (can be adjusted for each battery)

    • Max balance current: 2 to 4.0Amp(cont.) by configuration and limited by temperature.
      This feature gives an ultra fast balance time rate. It is a unique feature.
      There is no BMSs in the market that can balance batteries at this current rate

Charge Control 2.7Amp+

Charge Control - Max Temperature

  • Discharge control

    • It detects the end of charge by 2 ways: monitoring voltage and aliasing the equilibrium
      voltage curve of each cell/battery.

    • Minimum voltage allowed: 2.8V (lithium), 10.8V (Lead-Acid) or adjusted dependent on
      battery/cells used.

PCBs for B-BMS & CBMS System ready to be assembled in e-scooter

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

  • Price and installation cost

    • It will be necessary to understand the customer needs (how many batteries, kind of batteries,
      charging balance current and more requirements.

    • It is a complex installation and need to be done by high skilled engineer.

    • We quote price with and without installation included.

    • Waiting for your contact at or

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