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Our History

  • Started in 2009 with e-scooters selling on Portuguese market (scooters and motorcycles).

Workshop and storage 2008-2010 Workshop and store - 2010-2011


  • We got more then 60k Eur on sales each year, during 3 years.

Exhibition in Almada 2009 Exhibition in Coimbra 2009

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Convention Bereco in Málaga/Espanha Exhibition in Águeda

convention mercante

  • Repair all electric scooters parts, namely: controllers, brushless motors, BMSs,
    Installation and swap all kind of batteries.

  • We have specialized workshop and high skilled people.

  • We designed and tested control electronic to charge and discharge all kind of batteries.

  • Our warranty is more then 10.000Km on scooters with AGM (lead acid) batteries and 80.000Km on lithium

Heating analyze with termographic camera Termographic picture

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  • From 2012 until 2015 we did a pause on business so that we could look to the market and plan
    the next steps. Namely the design of a new BMS, with SoC information to the user
    and improve the controllers to our electric scooters

  • In March 2016 we restart the business. New workshop and design lab.
    We got the new SoC panel display witch shows the real state of charge as in eletric cars, Nissan
    Leaf, Citroen C-Zero and others. The system allow us to ensure security and reliability on
    any electric scooter as it exists on the well known ChadeMo protocol for fast charging station on all
    those electric cars.

New workshop in 2016


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