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Advantages using electric scootersVantagens no uso de uma scooter elétrica

Electric scooter Bereco-EVO Scooter 125cc
Spent(Average by 100Km) 6.14KWh (1,23Eur) 4 ltrs Unleaded 95
Maintenance (Oil/Water) -- 40Eur/5000 Km

  • Doing all calculations and assuming:

    1. The above parameters.

    2. Price Unleaded 95 of 1.40Eur/litre.

    3. Price KWh 0,20Eur (pretty the same all over Europe)

    4. Both scooters will spend the same tires, brakes and spare parts.

Comparação Scooters
(click to enlarge)

You can see the graph: The investment on buying a Bereco-EVO scooter pay itself after around 70000 Km.

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